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Jamie and Anita Dawson with Freddie


As a first time dog owner I felt that it was important to train my puppy Freddie effectively, not only to ensure his safety, but also my sanity! I did not want a 6st chocolate labrador that I couldn’t control! After some extensive research into dog trainers I came across Gary Notley and his Notley Puppy Training School. It was important for me to find a trainer who only uses reward based training methods and after talking to Gary at the Essex Dog Day and seeing his rapport with Freddie, I quickly signed up to his classes.


We have been to 8 of Gary’s classes now and already Freddie has become a polite, sociable and obedient labrador. He still has his mad moments, but Gary has taught me to how to read Freddie and apprehend different situations.


Gary is an excellent trainer who is extremely patient (with me as well as Freddie!) His classes are fun and rewarding and he is always happy to give guidance on any problem. You can tell he genuinely cares about the dogs he trains!


I can not recommend Gary highly enough and I’m looking forward to continuing our training with him.


Natalie Watkins with Harry


I took my working cocker spaniel, Harry, to Notley Puppy Training School puppy class when he was 12 weeks old. The class was brilliant and the socialisation for Harry was great.


We learnt all the basics and Gary was great for giving us advice on things such as how to stop him nipping at us. Every week we practiced and mastered the basics such as sit, stay and down.


This was invaluable to both of us and we now have a wonderfully obedient 9 month old puppy and I am convinced this was down to the puppy class. It was great bonding for me and Harry and we continue to train hard.


Sarah Allison with Marvin


We were put in contact with Gary through our local vets and cannot recommend his training enough. He is passionate about dogs and it shows. The time and care Gary puts into training them is far superior to any other dog training we have ever experienced and has taught us vital skills that we use daily. Our little Chihuahua Marvin was absolutely petrified of other dogs after he was bitten by one whilst out walking. Without Gary we would not be where we are today, There’s a little way to go but never in a million years did I think I would be able to walk Marvin side by side with another dog or pass one in the street without a full blown barking and growling performance. Not only is Gary truly dedicated, he always goes the extra step to help and has not only the most amazing patience when it comes to dogs…but also their owners, which makes a world of difference.


Chris & Diane Card with Milly


Milly is our first dog and having spent a few weeks training her felt we needed some professional help and went to Gary both on recommendation and from reading his website.


The classes were very good where Milly enjoyed mixing with other dogs and we found we learnt a lot. There is a lot of information given by Gary which helped us with our dog training. His attitude to dogs and owners was friendly and helpful but professional and Milly liked him as well.


Gary also provided support away from the class as we could contact him if we had an issue  that needed help for Milly.


Milly  passed the puppy course and we went on to gain some valuable information from the advanced course.


We would recommend Gary to all puppy owners.