Notley Puppy & Dog Training School

Kind, effective reward based puppy and dog training classes in a

friendly and relaxing atmosphere

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I'm Gary Notley and I have lived with dogs nearly all my life and been training them for over 30 years, first as an owner then as an educator.  I share my life with four English Springer Spaniels, Nellie, Mr Larsson, Kalle and Cupcake.


Puppy class

I am passionate about giving puppies the best start in life.  Our puppy training classes are designed to be kind and effective, through force free, positive reward based training and most of all they are fun.  It's obvious that you and your puppy will learn much quicker if you are enjoying the training.


Puppy classes comprise of six lessons, each lasting one hour.  The classes are kept to a maximum of 8 puppies and have been designed to help develop your puppy's social skills and help them become a well mannered member of your family.   Exercises include Stay, Recall, Basic Positions (ie sit,down, stand) Food Manners, Walking on a Lead, Socialisation and Handling.  


You will be shown and encouraged to teach your dog each exercise using food, toys and praise as a reward.  After all you wouldn't work all week for free.


Training takes place in a controlled, safe and secure environment. They will learn to behave properly around calm well behaved adult dogs.  There will also be time in each lesson to ask questions and I aim to offer positive help, advice and support.


On successful completion of the course your puppy will be presented with a Kennel Club certificate and rosette and will then be able to progress to the GCDS Bronze Award class and build on the skills learned in puppy class.  We are Kennel Club listed to teach Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards


All classes are fully insured with the Kennel club.




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